We call the combination of MFR + VT  CELLULAR IMPACT Therapy.  Since adding Vascular Therapy to our Myofascial Release practice we have seen exponential clinical results.  Utilizing VT as an adjunct modality before, during and after MFR treatments plus at-home VT  twice daily for 8 minutes, impressive, faster results are produced than the already effective results we have gotten from either modality alone.

Our clients consistently report the following:

  • Improved SLEEP  and sense of WELL BEING
  • Decreased INFLAMMATION and minimized DISCOMFORT
  • And MORE!

Is there really a scientific explanation for what we are experiencing?  We think so because a healthy microcirculatory system ensures proper delivery and supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells as well as the necessary waste removal from our bodies. We know that the key to authentic positive health change is what happens at the cellular level.  We believe we are on the cusp of major changes in healthcare accruing to the increasing focus on the authentic results being experienced through bio-energetics and cellular function. 21st Century medicine is here, and we're just getting started. 

On this basis alone, it is clear that the microcirculatory system plays a critical role in overall health and well-being. Cellular health is vital for energy production, inflammatory response, pain management, performance, and sleep. Simply put, it is critical that we sustain blood flow to our cells and remove metabolic waste from our bodies.

In order to sustain and improve blood flow in the small blood vessels, we need to ensure that the living environment of the cell remains healthy. Cells are housed in the fibrillar network of connective tissue which provides a liquid filled scaffolding support system. We often refer to the living environment of the cell as the extracellular matrix. It is critical that this environment remain fluid for our cells to function at their highest capacity. If the connective tissue or fascia becomes restricted or fibrous as a result of aging, injuries, poor postures and other variables, the liquid environment of the cell crystallizes or solidifies.  As discussed in our MFR article , solidified ground substance sets up an unhealthy environment for the cells in that structure.

Solidified ground substance compromises the delivery of blood, nutrients, oxygen, bioelectrical and biochemical information that our cells and tissues require to function. This crystallized fluid also creates tremendous pressure on pain sensitive structures and the small blood vessels called capillaries that make up the microcirculatory system. This is a surefire recipe for pain, a compromised nervous system, poor blood flow, cellular dysfunction and ultimately organ failure.


They are both SYSTEMIC SYSTEMS and they INTERWEAVE throughout your entire BODY.

In fact when a mechanical pressure is exerted through manual therapy for example, the MICROCIRCULATORY SYSTEM reacts to any shift the FASCIA makes in response to the external force.


In short, Healthy Cells - Happier YOU !!!

The secret sauce of CELLULAR IMPACT is that both myofascial release and vascular therapies directly, positively impact the living environment and functionality of the cell. John Barnes, PT and a leading authority on Myofascial Release developed methods that produced consistent and effective results to release fascial restrictions. After the connective tissue is released, other phenomena occur that melt the crystallized ground substance. The cell now has an opportunity to receive blood and other information necessary to thrive (especially if blood flow velocity is also improved). MFR, as taught by John Barnes stands alone and significantly impacts cellular health.

MFR changed my life. Following a pelvic injury that resulted in chronic pain symptoms, I was dependent on medication for 30 years. Intensive Myofascial release treatments not only eliminated medication from my life but restored functional movement and allowed me to enjoy golf, biking and hiking again.

I and my clients have experienced first hand how MFR IMPACTS CELLULAR HEALTH and helps to sustain an active, pain-free life style. I didn’t think that I could feel better than I felt with MFR alone, but I was wrong.

Now VASCULAR THERAPY has taken my cellular health to another level. I have more energy/increased ATP production, I am sleeping better than at anytime in my life.

My sense of well being is more calm and focused, and my time climbing mountains has never been better. I am over 60 years of age and feel like I am 40.  What an amazing feeling to have more energy, recover faster and feel more calm and grounded. This is the miracle of daily VT.  Some people using vascular therapy daily are calling it “the authentic Fountain of Youth.”


CELLULAR IMPACT = Healthy Cells.

Healthy Cells = Happier YOU !!!

I don’t believe this phenomenon is complicated. For many people, the reality is that we have connective tissue restrictions that have resulted in the fluid component of the fascial system crystallizing or becoming solid in nature.

The crystallized ground substance compromises blood flow in the small blood vessels called capillaries. These capillaries make up the functional component of the circulatory system providing our cells and tissues with the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Without adequate blood supply our organs will stop working.

Imagine that these capillaries, essentially the size of a hair fascicle trapped in crystallized ground substance. Could the blood possibly flow in this scenario?  Could the muscle coiled around the capillary possibly contract allowing the capillary to oscillate and pump blood through the vessel?

Myofascial Release allows us to release restrictions in the connective tissue and help restore the living environment of the cell to a liquid state. This releases the binding pressure from the capillaries and other blood vessels creating tremendous potential for blood flow. The maximum impact from Vascular Therapy is now achieved because Myofascial Release set the stage by opening the blood vessels. Our electroceutical medical device, increases blood flow to the capillaries providing the cell the necessary nutrients and oxygen supply. In turn, our bodies go to work removing the metabolic waste from and allowing cellular regeneration and the potential for us to function at the highest capacity possible in our current state.

We have incorporated vascular therapy before during and after MFR sessions for the past year. Our clients have experienced the same benefits that I have and more!

We also have a team of healthcare practitioners who are utilizing vascular therapy as an adjunct therapy in their practices.

We will be happy to share our experience and knowledge of how to incorporate this modality in your practice. We have developed CELLULAR IMPACT protocols to enhance your clinical results with a variety of diagnoses in which we have proven positive results in our Clinic.

After clients experience CELLULAR IMPACT Therapy, it is not uncommon for them to purchase this medical device. We are fortunate that the European manufacturer has a goal to have this device in every home and they allow us to sell their product directly to our customers.

This has created an additional revenue stream for our clinic that we never envisioned.  As one MFR therapist on our team stated “ what could be better than providing my clients with better health care and me making enough money to pay all of my monthly overhead and then some. It frees up my energy to provide even better therapy”.

If you would like to take your practice to another level of health AND wealth please contact Jim to learn more.