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Welcome to the Palm Springs Myofascial Release Clinic.  We provide YOU with 21st century therapy modalities that produce consistent and effective clinical outcomes.  It is our great pleasure to introduce a powerful new option we call CELLULAR IMPACT.


Since 2010 we have provided our clients with steady, sometimes dramatic health improvements. We practice myofascial release or MFR as taught by John Barnes, an innovator and leading authority on the fascial system. MFR is a mind/body approach that treats the whole person. In our therapy sessions, we use MFR techniques to impact fascia. In this way, we treat the body systemically, working well beyond muscles and bones - even into the cells.  In 2017, we added a new treatment option called vascular therapy, or VT.


The vascular system - a critical whole-body system - is intricately woven through the fascial system, profoundly impacting cellular health. Over 70% of this system is the microcirculatory system, made up of tiny blood vessels called capillaries which provide our cells and tissues with the oxygen and nutrients required for our body to function at peak performance. Microcirculatory blood flow is critical to produce the energy we need to feel good and enjoy life. We now have a European Electroceutical Device that increases blood flow in the small blood vessels in a way nothing else can. We call the application of this device our vascular therapy or VT. By giving cells a greatly improved flow of blood, we effectively invigorate each cell's ability to perform its metabolic function.  In the process, we help the fascial system liquify in important ways.


We now combine MFR sessions with our VT adjunct to MFR. We call this powerful combination CELLULAR IMPACT Therapy. Using this new modality surprised even us, as it quickly produced exponential results for our clients and for us, including healing the causefreedom from pain, better range of motionincreased energy, better athletic performance, faster recovery times, improved focus and concentration, better sleep and much more!

CELLULAR IMPACT:  Healthy Cells = Happier YOU !!!

If YOU want to invest in a higher quality of life, call us today at 760-774-7827. We will provide you with opportunities to become a HEALTHIER, maybe even a HAPPIER YOU !


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In the above animated illustration we see blood vessels clustered and bound together by connective tissue. MFR can release these fibrous restrictions enhancing blood flow and cellular function. To better understand Myofascial Release it is beneficial to visualize the fascial system. Please view a 5 minute video created by Richard Harty, PT. and MFR Practitioner.  

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Vascular Therapy, VT, is an unprecedented treatment option for impaired microcirculation and is a complementary, adjunct therapy healthcare practitioners may use in a variety of clinical settings.  Simply stated, it enhances blood flow in the small blood vessels and impacts cellular health. Blood flow isn't everything, but without it, there's nothing! 



We call the combination of MFR + VT CELLULAR IMPACT Therapy.  Our clients report exponential results.  Utilizing VT as an adjunct modality before, during and after MFR treatments plus at-home VT 2X daily for 8 minutes, impressive, faster results are produced than the already effective results we have gotten from either modality alone.