Vascular Therapy, VT, is an unprecedented treatment option for impaired microcirculation and is a complementary, adjunct therapy healthcare practitioners may use in a variety of clinical settings. Simply stated, it enhances blood flow in the small blood vessels and impacts cellular health. We cannot have healthy cells and tissues without adequate blood supply. Poor microcirculation is a contributing factor in 90% of all diseases and pharmacological intervention has claimed only minimal impact on the small blood vessels. On the other hand, Vascular Therapy has a profound impact on microcirculation and systemic blood flow enhancing homeostasis.

To better understand Vascular Therapy it can be beneficial to first visualize this intricate and vital microcirculatory system.

Like the fascial system, Dr. Guimberteau calls the microcirculatory system an integral component in the extracellular matrix. We have attached a picture of a flexor tendon from Dr Guimberteau that illustrates the significance of vascularity and microcirculatory system.

The microcirculatory system is composed of tiny blood vessels that weave themselves throughout your body like tree roots connecting all of our vital systems. 

This dynamic and complex vasculature measures 74,000 miles and would wrap around the earth 2½ times. The microcirculatory system supplies 74% of your body’s blood and is often called the cornerstone of healthcare. It provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen into our cells and in turn removes waste through metabolic processes.

The small blood vessels in the microcirculatory system are called capillaries. Essentially, the diameter of a capillary is comparable to that of a hair fascicle. These small blood vessels have a smooth muscle coiled around them that acts like a sphincter opening and closing the capillaries. This opening and closing motion pumps blood into the vessel and is called vasomotion. Without this vital process our health is compromised. Since poor microcirculation is a variable with most diseases we should pay attention to the results we and our clients are getting and consider the benefits of this therapy.

We also need to remember that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in our country.  A significant number of our clients have some form of cardiovascular challenge.

There are several conditions that can impede our microcirculatory system. The aging process, chronic inflammation, lack of exercise and dehydrated tissues all impact the functional performance of our capillaries. In a healthy, young person we observe the capillaries oscillate 3 to 5 times per minute. As we age or experience health problems it is not uncommon to only see 2 to 5 oscillations every 10 minutes. 

Diminished blood flow results in decreased energy, stress, poor sleep quality, erectile dysfunction, compromised cognition, muscle atrophy, bone density loss, chronic inflammation and discomfort. Essentially, there is a lack of velocity in blood flow. Vascular Therapy can significantly impact blood flow velocity and change your life. Please refer to the video to visualize the impact of our electroceutical device on blood flow and supply of white blood cells.

Essentially, what we observe with circulatory dysfunction is a bio-energetic deficiency which results in dysfunctional cellular processes. Metabolism is compromised and there is chronic ATP deficiency. This eventually compromises organ function. To have any hope of helping our clients maintain health, with these compromises, it is critical that we maintain a fluid fascial system ensuring systemic communication and a functional microcirculatory system.

Our European Medical Device has 5 world-wide patents. One of the patents delivers a specific signal that facilitates vasomotion. VASOMOTION is the secret sauce of VT. This is the only device available that facilitates vasomotion and metabolic processes. We enhance the natural rhythm of the body via vasomotion increasing blood flow through the capillaries, nourishing and cleansing the cells in our body. 

“Since therapeutic-pharmacological interventions especially in the small-caliber arteriolar area and it’s autorhythmic vasomotion, are very limited, it thus currently represents virtually an unprecedented treatment option and should be used in medical practice widely as a complementary basic therapy to improve impaired circulation”. 

Another unique component of this technology is the waveform. The WAVEFORM in our device has 40 peaks and valleys versus two in the competitors’ waveforms. This is critical. Our waveform facilitates 1200 stimulations per second vs 300 stimulations from the competitors’ systems. Actually, can we really call this competition?  We don’t consider these devices the same thing as our device at all, because they simply don’t do the same thing; not in standalone VT or in combination with MFR.

By utilizing low gentle frequencies toggling between 10 and 30 HZ we more effectively stimulate and enhance blood flow. These gentle frequencies allow us to use this modality daily and empower clients to prevent unnecessary health care problems.

It should be noted that the two primary complaints in doctors’ offices are lack of sleep and stress. The SLEEP PROGRAM is another patented technology of our medical device. To enhance sleep a low intensity signal is utilized in cadence with our circadian rhythm.

My sleep time has increased from 5½ to 7 hours of sleep. More importantly, the quality of my sleep is significantly better. I fall asleep immediately and I am experiencing deep REM sleep for the first time in my life. It is reported that if we get three hours of REM sleep, we flush 80% more blood through our brain. Although we cannot replace brain cells, it is believed that new brain tissue can be generated.

What an incredible feeling to wake up refreshed and full of energy!

NASA thinks so highly of this product that they are weaving the technology into the undergarments of the space suit. Why? Because they believe this will prevent muscular atrophy and bone density loss for their astronauts during space missions.

The effect of this microcirculatory improvement is cumulative and the equipment should be used daily for maximum results. That is why several of our clients have chosen to purchase this machine empowering them to take charge of their health. We have had patients tell us that they no longer need to take medications with dangerous side effects. Most of our clients who use this technology on a daily basis report increased energy, better sleep, improved cognition and faster recovery time following activity.  It is this fact that has unexpectedly resulted in a dramatic increase in our Clinic’s revenue stream due to the unprecedented compensation plan offered by the European company that is bringing this amazing device into the U.S.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE and recovery time has improved dramatically. The Race Across America (RAAM) BEMER BIKE TEAM set a WORLD RECORD averaging 24.91 MPH while riding over 3000 miles in the 2018 RAAM. Healthy cells result in better performance and faster recovery times! Personally, at over 60 years, most days I feel 15-20 years younger. I hike and bike like I did at 40 years of age and I can go more often because I recover faster using programs designed specifically for athletes.

From “Small Blood Vessels: Big Health Problems?: Scientific Recommendations of the National Institutes of Health Workshop.” Journal of the American Heart Association 2016 Nov;5(11): e004389.