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All of our MyoFascial Release (MFR) therapists are trained by John Barnes, PT. This therapeutic art form works well beyond the musculoskeletal system. In fact, when performed correctly, MFR can impact both the cell and the living environment of the cell. We are committed to facilitate cellular health.

All of our therapists are trained to utilize a specific European Electroceutical Medical Device as our powerful adjunct to MFR therapy. We call this adjunct, Vascular Therapy (VT). This device is scientifically proven to enhance blood flow and cellular function. Our personal and clinical experience clearly indicates that MFR + VT = CELLULAR IMPACT.

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Jim Bantley

Jim Bantley is an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist (MFR) and an Electroceutical Specialist. He established the Palm Springs Myofascial Release Clinic that opened in 2010.
He graduated from Colorado State University in 1990 with a BS degree in Occupational Therapy. Prior to opening his own practice, he worked as a clinical specialist in neuro-rehab, orthopedics and sports injury clinics. Although he enjoyed working in traditional clinical settings, nothing impacted his own personal health like Myofascial Release (MFR).
Jim suffered a pelvic injury at an early age and prior to MFR he had received every type of traditional and alternative therapy available but nothing provided permanent results and he was dependent on medications to stay active. MFR changed his life. Intensive treatments for 3 weeks relieved 75% of the pain symptoms he had endured for 30 years. More importantly, MFR treatments completely eliminated the need for medications. These results led to his fascination with MFR and opening his own clinic.
He has exclusively practiced MFR for 10 years. Three years ago Jim added a complementary medical device to his practice that enhances microcirculation.

After combining Vascular Therapy (VT) with MFR, Jim observed significant gains in clinical outcomes for his clients and his own health and wellness. After meeting Dr. Cagle through his network, the two formed a collaboration. Working with Jim’s MFR/VT clients in the clinic, they added the WRAP, a fascial loading device to the treatment sessions. Exponential treatment results in healing times and problem resolution were observed with several patients.
Both the observed and client-reported results and informal testing utilizing the Moxy Sensor clearly suggested that this combination of modalities was impacting the cell and its living environment. Optimizing cellular health is vital for consistent, effective and long lasting clinical results. Jim’s experience (and he is not alone) is that cellular dysfunction is the root cause of most disease and that therapists can best improve cellular health by combining effective manual therapy with electroceuticals and other emerging, researched, and affordable technologies.

Jim’s goal is to share the results and methodologies experienced and incorporated in his clinic. He will do that by building a network of clinicians and trainers who impact cellular health by supporting clients to eliminate medications and unnecessary surgeries. Jim welcomes the opportunity to speak with all practitioners who want to share knowledge and experience and embrace the paradigm shift happening in healthcare.

Senoleen Bantley

Senoleen is an Expert Level MFR practitioner who studied exercise physiology, nutrition and personal training at the University of Guam. Prior to her career as an MFR therapist she worked as a personal trainer. She was highly regarded by her peers and clients in her former profession.

She has practiced MFR exclusively at the Palm Springs MyoFascial Release Clinic since 2012. Senoleen is blessed with incredible proprioceptive skills and has an intuitive ability to practice this therapeutic art. She was born on a small island in Micronesia, in the western Pacific Ocean. There were no hospitals or traditional therapy services available on her Island. If someone was sick or injured they turned to her grandfather who was regarded as the “island healer”.  He had no "formal" education to account for his amazing ability to permanently heal people using his hands and medicinal plants found on the island.

Fortunately, he shared with Senoleen his experience and what might be called bio-energetic skills to treat injuries and ailments. She was often present and eventually served an assistant to her grandfather. These experiences clearly helped shape Senoleen as a MFR therapist and we are all blessed to have her as part of our team.